The Devil Made Me Do It (Paperback Edition)

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The Devil Made Me Do It (Paperback Edition)


The Devil made me do it is a bullshit statement!

Come on this journey with me and I promise it will be a rollercoaster of emotions but worth the ride as we discuss the good and the bad humanity has to offer. But here is the crazy thing, good and bad are not always easily distinguishable from one another and evil, true evil, dirties the window we try and view each of our worlds through. How do I know? Inside this book is a controversial conversation that will challenge you, anger you, enlighten you and maybe even change you. It will challenge your egregores; that group think you didn’t even know you belong to and the sources of information you rely on.

The path to being a better person, to yourself and others, is easy to see, but not always easy to walk. Come join me on this journey of self-evaluation and discovery. You won’t forget it!


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